Wonderful Holidays & a Great Success in the coming New Year 2015

Wishing you and your family Special,

Wonderful and Safe Holidays

and all the best of Health, Happiness and Success in the coming New Year 2015.

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Secret to Enjoying Life: Thank You!


Thankful man on top of mountain

Thankful man on top of mountain

Yes! Being thankful for what we have is the easiest and best way to enjoy life.

It’s Thanksgiving in the USA. Thurs 22 Nov.  A time for being grateful for what
we have and enjoying food, enjoying good company and enjoying life.  And
sharing with our family and with our community, so they can also enjoy life.


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Wishing you and your family all the best of Health, Happiness and
Thankfulness today and in the coming year.


All the best of success in 2011.



My personal experience and the wisdom of many authors that I have
read is that we are more happy and enjoy life when we spend more
time being grateful for what we have.

Thankful woman on the beach

Thankful woman on the beach


We often spend most of your time thinking about our problems and
what we don’t have. This leaves us worrying and frustrated, not enjoying life.

We may feel that we don’t have much, but we always have something to be
thankful for. If we compare ourselves to others in our area or around the world,
we will find that we have many things and situations for which we can be thankful.
We can even be thankful for the wonders of being alive on this amazing planet.

Research my many scientists, personal uplifting / success coaches and my
personal experience have shown that everyday, when we take time to
remember our blessings and be grateful, we enjoy life more fully.

One author, Joe Vitale, writes that when he started this exercise, it took
him sometime to find anything to be thankful for. He was quite down at
the time, with no job. Finally he realized that he was thankful for his
pencil and the eraser on it. With these he could write and earn some money.

When I think today of what I am thankful I have a long list. But the important
items in the list are: shelter from the cold, food on the table, access to the
internet, reasonable health in most of my body, a part-time job, a loving wife,
one more day to do something of value to others, others in my life to share with.

“Most human beings have an almost infinite capacity for taking things for granted.”

– Aldous Huxley –

Be aware though, when we take things for granted, they disappear. Taking
something for granted, results in our not feeling gratitude, or even feeling
anything for that. With no feeling the passion in our lives dries up. A life
without some passion doesn’t lead to happiness or a sense of satisfaction in
having lived another day.  With passion, we can be happy, we have another
day to live.

So let’s stop taking for granted and instead start being grateful for what we
have that allows us to do something for this world. It is in giving something
to your family and the world, that you can feel deep satisfaction with your
life, truly enjoying life.

Secret to Enjoying Life: Thank You!
Yes! Being thankful for what we have is the easiest and best way to enjoy life.
So let’s stop taking for granted and instead start being grateful for what we have
that allows us to do something for this world.

Blessed Mother’s Day to all families – 2015

Wishing all families a wonderful, special and blessed Mother’s Day.

To all Mothers, you ARE appreciated and your role in the family is priceless. The children learn about unconditional love from you. All blessings on you as you care for your children in the years to come.

All the best of health and regards,


Kirk & Jacqui


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Enjoy life with your family!  

Two Reasons Why it is so Tough being a Parent

It’s tough being a parent, especially of a family of mostly very young children.

Everyone who has been a parent will agree that it is tough.

What makes it so tough?

There are many reasons, but I’d like to highlight two for now.

1)  Children copy how parents behave, not what parent’s say.

2)  Every child is unique.  What we did for one child may not work for the next child.

For now, I’ll  say a bit more about “Children copy what parents do, not what they say.”

Young children from birth until about 6 years old, almost exclusively copy what the parents do.

From 7 to 11, when they start going to school, they start copying the behavior of the teachers and the other students. But, initially they still copy the parents more.  Once they are teenagers, they seek their own independence and start copying their peers as well as other adults that they perceive as strong and following them will benefit themselves.

If we as parents are to help our children grow into responsible citizens, then we must carefully act as responsible citizens ourselves.  We can’t say that they should do some action and not do that action ourselves.

Example, if we tell them not to smoke cigarettes and be smoking cigarettes ourselves.  As soon as they are old enough, the children will try to  smoke cigarettes away from us.

Another example, we can’t tell them to clean their room, if we aren’t cleaning the rest of the house.

If we want them to have the habit of studying, the best way is to sit and help them in their studies every week day evening at least for 30 minutes.  Help them read, help them write, help them understand what they are reading or what they are studying about.

One more example,  if we want the children  involved in social  service activities, giving something back to the community;  just bring them along as we are doing regular social service and they will automatically copy and want to do  service themselves.

In short, as parents we need to walk the talk, we need to do what we say.  That is not as easy as it sounds.  Because, our actions must be consistent over the years of the children growing up.

We can not smoke most of the time and occasionally smoke.  Inconsistent actions on our part will just confuse the children.

We need to consistently help the children with their studies.

We can’t do social service only once a year and expect that the children will grow to do social service monthly.

BUT, children also bring a lot energy, smiles, love and laughter into our lives.  So we help them and they help us as well. We love them and they love us back even more  than we think we can love them.  Children live life fully. Young children haven’t learned to control themselves, so they live with no stops to their energy.  Including full  emotions, with no holding back, when frustrated at the age of 2 years old, learning that there are limitations in life and they can’t have everything they want.

So it’s tough, but we also grow as adults when we meet the challenges of raising children with creative solutions and consistent behavior.  The tough parts help us to become much stronger, more creative and more loving as an adult and we mature to become much more than we thought we were capable of being.  At the same time we can enjoy and re-learn from the energy, determination and committment to fully living life of our children.

I’ll talk about each child being unique in another blog.

Enjoy  life with your children  while you grow as an adult to become  a better you helping the children to become better citizens of this world.

All the best of health and happiness to you and  your family,


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