New Year Global 2016 Celebrations & Greetings

a Delightful New Year to You
and Your Family!!

Fireworks over Russia

Fireworks over Russia









Here’s animated New Year Fireworks Global
Displays with music.

Please click below to enjoy the celebration.

Fireworks over London

Fireworks over London









Please click below to enjoy the celebration.

Link to Animated New Year Card

Best wishes to you and your family,

Kirk Cuthbert

Forget the To Do list and use this instead to actually get tasks done! Auto-Focus

Forget the To Do List and use this method to actually get tasks done!

AUTOFOCUS Productivity Method

autofocus camera as symbol of autofocus productivity method

image of autofocus productivity method


Link to Autofocus Productivity Method

Loving the Root: A Daoist View of Trees & Wise Women


Women under an old tree


For thousands of years Women have been the root of the family

providing the physical, mental and spiritual nourishment needed

for the family to develop properly into mature responsible adults.


Link to Loving the Root





9 Empowering TED Talks that Zoom You to Success

photo during a TED talk by a brilliant woman

Brilliant Woman presenting during a TED session

Success in the New Year!

TED has many very good videos of presentations by people
who have much experience or have done new research on Success.

Here are 9 recommended TED talks.   Enjoy!

Link to Ted Talks for Success

How to Solve 4 Common Husband Wife Relationship Problems

Husband and wife facing each other

Enjoy Family life by improving your relationship with your spouse

Sometimes difficulties arise with your spouse.

This article advises how to  solve 4 common problems in your relationship with your spouse.

Time Newspaper Article on Spouse relationship

The article is about 1-year-old, but the advise is still good today.


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