The Power of Meditation for Daily Living


Article: The power of meditation: Growing research shows all the ways meditation is good for us.

Such as:  reducing recurrent depression, making people overall more happy & calm, and anti-aging,
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3Doodler offers a cute, safe 3D printing pen for kids

kid with 3D pen

3doodler for kids

Coming this month from 3Doodler, the Start for Kids

Now kids can create in 3D with this well designed pen.

Engadget has a review article,

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How Improvising Fatherhood Made Him A Better Dad

A great article in the Huffington Post, about a father who decided to focus in the moment, listen more and improvise how he related to his children.

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The Three Lies About your Age


This is a talk for TEDx Youth. It’s about the three lies about the teen-age preached by our day and age. If you want to watch the video of this talk using this Powerpoint deck, you can do so at:

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FREE Empathy Storytelling Guide

Girl-Teddy-Storytelling Empathy

Download free storytelling guide for change makers to help create empathy

Thank you for your interest in storytelling. As a change maker, you have to comfortably tell four main types of stories to engage the hearts, heads, and hands of your audience to help give wings to your project. Ashoka has encouraged these types of stories in its identification of leading social innovators for the past thirty years.

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