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Questions for Kids: 31 Questions you’ll Love Asking Your Kids [Infographic]

I found this article and you’ll probably be interested in different questions to asks kids to get to know them better.   The questions are in the infographic and the very bottom of the article. Have

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7 Damaging Parenting Behaviors That Keep Children From Growing Into Leaders | from Thrive Global

I chose this to get you some good parenting advice and resources for more information.   Hope this gives you some ideas for your family! Enjoy, Kirk * * * * * * * * from the original article * * * *

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10 Games for Family Fun Time • like Sara…

  Family 10 Games for Family Fun Time   This post was created by Sarah, I’m just sharing it here for your enjoyment and benefit. The affiliate links aren’t to me, but to Sarah. –

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Valentine’s Date Night at Home — by Runway Chef

Valentine’s Day enjoying a home cooked elegant but simple meal This article from Runway Chef, shows how inspiration and creativity can come in unusual places. So, here’s the thing.

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Fun & Learning No-Charge Printables Packet for VALENTINE’S DAY

VALENTINE PRINTABLES: VALENTINE’S DAY FUN AND LEARNING PACKET (no-charge) Valentine’s Day celebrations are a good time for coloring and creating things that express love. Downloading no-charge

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4 Ridiculously Fun Outdoor Workouts To Do With Your Family

      Kristin McGee being a mother of three boys under the age of 4, most definitely needs to keep them moving. In her words: If we all stayed cooped up in our apartment, there’s

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